How it began

So the question begs, “who am I & why do you care?”

I am launching this digitally creative expression of my philosophy on life. 

This philosophical piece of work has taken 30+ years to develop. What may appear polished on the outside has taken years of growth, awareness, resonance and 77 other synonymous adjectives.

So the question begs, “who am I & why do you care?” Well, I would encourage you to spend a few minutes listening to my latest podcasts I was featured in. 


My Latest Podcasts

Caleb Luke Amundson

Corporate School Dropout

Caleb speaks about being observant to opportunities & shares pieces of wisdom about partnership, investors, and all the ways he has grown his businesses.

challenging mental logic

School of Travels

"Making Yourself Uncomfortable So You Can Grow" Caleb is clear on his vision for his life, which allows him to make better, more informed decisions about life.

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