What can I expect from talking with you? 
You can expect an honest conversation about life. Whether about yours or mine, I truly take pride in connecting with others on a deep & profound level. Maybe we talk about your dreams & aspirations. Maybe I can help shape them into a reality. Maybe we are long lost friends that just wanted to catch up. 
I am not doing this purely for monetary pursuits. I truly want to help if we both agree that I can.
A brief story...
Many years ago, I found myself sitting at a desk and drowning in the "corporate world". Subconsciously, My spirit yearned for an escape. Slowly, I begin to recognize aspects of work that I had not yet considered. Pieces of a vision began to pile up. owning a business...working remotely...Autonomy...These all began to occupy my dreams of a future. A location-independent life with the autonomy and freedom to choose how i live. 
i left the comfort of a stable job for a risky startup job in silicon valley. After some moderate success, the parent company ran out of money, and i negotiated the purchase of a functioning business division out of the hands of looming bankruptcy. In parallel, i bootstrapped a company that garnered an angel investment. at one point, i lost 95% of my six figure income and had to solely rely on my own skills to climb out of potential poverty & bankruptcy. 
Now, I am living a life of freedom & traveling the world with a mind full of curiosity. I continue to work hard on growing all the companies I am still a founder of while helping others avoid mistakes i've made. 

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